Looking for Love !

No, they aren't baby wombats, they are Bunnies ! And they are getting bigger !
Dawn The Lovely One
The Keysborough Shelter Bunnies

Melbourne, Victoria

Dinner Time !

The shelter buns get a huge salad every night (and yes, it's all gone the next day !), and all this is paid for by volunteers.  If you live nearby and can help, they'll be glad to hear from you.  And the bunnies and piggies will be very grateful too !

Lila and Iris  have been at the shelter since December 2001, this pair of spayed females have lovely quiet natures, and are tightly bonded.  As they are very dependant on each other, they must be adopted as a pair. Contact Leigh for more information.
Flynn was rescued form a petshop by a shelter volunteer.  He was living in appalling conditions.  He will need a lot of patience and love, but he has a wonderful personality, and he LOOOVES the lady buns !  Contact Leigh for more information. Bambi (Female, Spayed) is approximately 6-8 months old.  She was sent to the shelter when she reached puberty and was acting like a teenager !  Now she is spayed, she should make a great companion for a home with no small children.  Contact Leigh for more information.


Lewis and Violet, a pair of dwarf lops, were surrendered by their owner (Lewis the male is a white sealpoint, and Violet, the female is black).  They are calm and easily handled, they should be easily housetrained. They are tightly bonded, and must be adopted together. Contact Leigh for more information.
Blossom is a female Dwarf - she will be spayed and ready for her new home soon.  She is calm and friendly with humans.  Blossom was dumped at the shelter with no history given.  Please give this loving girl a second chance. Contact Leigh for more information. Kasey is a small female with Hotot markings.  Her family rejected her because she "wasn't pretty enough" !  She has a beautiful nature and loves humans despite her poor treatment. Contact Leigh for more information.
These two beautiful girls, Saffron and Amber,  came in to the shelter together, and are tightly bonded - so they must be adopted together.  They are curious and adventurous, though not yet very trusting of humans.  If you think you are the right person to win their trust with patience and love, contact Leigh for more information.
Madeline the Magnificent is about 5 months old, and she's going to be a big girl ! She's desexed and ready to go to a new home where she will have lots of space to explore and somebunny to love her. Contact Leigh for more information.
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