What Foods Should I Avoid ??

Here is a comprehensive list of dangerous plants
Corn (fresh and dried)
Carbohydrate rich foods (bread, grains, biscuits)

Sugary foods (processed sugars - fructose is safe in small quantities)


What is wrong with "Rabbit Mix" ?  My bunny loves it......
Mixed foods available in the supermarket or stockfeed supplier are basically pellets, with a few "extras".  The extras vary from mix to mix, but typically include dried corn (which can cause intestinal blockages), cereals and grains (high in carbohydrates which can alter the delicate balance of intestinal flora), and dried fruits and vegetables (which are generally considered as treats, and should only be fed in very limited quantities).

Remember that rabbits have evolved a highly efficient digestive system, which allows them to extract every bit of nutrition out of a diet that would be unpalatable for other animals.  Your rabbits digestion system needs to be constantly moving - bulk is the key to this system.  Foods that are high in calories, protein, and sugars are not only unhealthy for your bunny, they can pose a serious threat to her health, and can even lead to death.