Bunny Communication

What you need to know about bunny "manners"
  It is important to remember that rabbits are prey animals.  This means that they are very timid, and hyper vigilant to everything going on around them.  Rabbits have an eye on either side of their heads (like fish, and many other prey animals), in order to be able to see a very wide area around them.  Their ears are highly sensitive, and can be "tuned" to noises by pointing them - your bunny can hear much more than you can !

And if you've ever wondered why she is constantly twitching her nose, it's because scent is her primary contact with the world around her.  Your bunnies nose will twitch less when she is relaxed and comfortable, and more when she is alert to danger.

  Rabbits are very social animals, and a large part of social activity is grooming.  Rabbits show love and respect by licking and grooming, particularly around the face and head.  If you give your bunny a particularly satisfying pat, she may reward you with a good licking. 

This means your bunny loves you, and she is going to great lengths to show you that she cares.  It is very rude to pull away from her - she will be offended, and you may find that she shows her displeasure by giving you the RBB (Royal Bunny Butt).

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