Is this Normal ?

A rabbit is very different from a dog or a cat in terms of what constitutes "normal" behavior.  We have compiled a list of frequently observed symptoms, and possible diagnoses.  If you are concerned for your rabbits health, please contact your vet immediately.  We can offer suggestions about what is happening to your bunny, but no internet page can take the place of a qualified veterinarian. 
Why is my bunnies urine bright red ? Or orange ?
  Some vegetables have pigments in them that are not broken down by the bunnies digestive system, and are passed through the urine.  If your bunny has been eating beetroot or carrot, don't be surprised if you see some interesting coloured pee !

BUT !  If you suspect that the discoloration is blood, your bunny needs to see a vet urgently.  Blood in the urine can signify various things - in a female bunny four years or older, it can be an indication of uterine cancer, and an emergency spay may be needed.

For more information, read this article from the House Rabbit Society.

Why is my bunnies urine white and chalky ?
  A "milky" urine is calcium being passed out of the bunnies system.  Young bunnies need a lot of calcium to build their bones, older buns need less.  Excess calcium will usually pass harmlessly through the bladder in the urine.

BUT !  If the residue is thick and creamy, this is a sign of bladder sludge - a condition that can be very painful for the bunny, making it difficult to urinate, and possibly leading to bladder stones and blockages.  See your Vet !