Safe Vegetables for Bunnies

Not all vegetables and fruits are good for your bunny, and some they love are dangerous to feed in large quantities.  Most buns love carrots for example, but these should be considered treat foods because of the high sugar content.

For ease of use, we have split this list into four categories;

  • freely feed
  • feed often
  • feed as treats only
  • do not feed
For free feeding
  Lettuce - Anything but Iceberg.  Iceberg Lettuce has little nutritional value for buns.
  Endive, Chicory
  Coriander, Mint
  Carrot and Radish Tops
For regular feeding - these are high in calcium, so should be fed sparingly if your bunny has white deposits in her urine.
For treats only
  Raisins and Sultanas