Click HERE to see why a rabbit is NOT the Perfect Easter gift.

We believe that rabbits make great house pets, and we aim to provide  information for pet rabbit caretakers, and anyone considering sharing life with a rabbit.

Please join our mailing list to become part of the Companion Rabbit Community.  Feel free to chat in our live chat room.  For instructions on how to use chat, click here.  If you have any questions that are not yet answered on our site, please email us directly for an answer.

If you are looking to adopt a bunny, check out the adoptable rabbits at PAWS, Sydney Dogs Home and Monica's Rescue.  Monica's is run as a NO KILL shelter, and Sydney Dogs Home is low kill. If you can provide a safe indoor home for a bunny or two, they would be glad to hear from you.  Or click here to see the bunnies currently being fostered by our members, and looking for good homes.

Go through to the Bunny School for tips on how to house train your bunny, how to bunny proof your home, what to feed your pet rabbit for health and longevity.  We can also teach you how to "speak bunny", and the danger signs that mean your bunny is sick and needs medical attention.

We encourage you to desex your bunny, both for behaviour modification, and for the long term health of your bunny.  And a bunny no longer controlled by hormones is a much happier rabbit.

And lastly, we have included a picture gallery of buns and bunny slaves.  We hope that these pics help to convince you that rabbits and people can live happily ever after together - indoors !